Choose the Right Type of Fencing for Your Needs

The type of fencing you choose for you home contributes to its all-important curb appeal, certainly, but it also plays an important role in your home’s security.

Fenced Entrance

One of the most common reasons Americans install fencing at their homes or businesses is to improve privacy and security. Fortunately, you have many options when selecting your fencing.


Below are a few of the most important considerations that will help you determine which type of fence will best suit your needs.


Which Fence Is Right for Your Yard?


Why are you installing a fence? Is it for privacy? Visual appeal? To keep pets or children safe? To keep livestock corralled?


Remember that no matter what your needs, a professionally installed fence will increase your property values while enhancing visual appeal.


If privacy is your main concern, then a wooden fence may work best; however, vinyl fencing may also be an option for you. If it’s containment that you need, consider an ornamental iron fence. Iron fencing comes in a variety of finishes and styles that will enhance the look of your home. And, of course, if you want containment but you’re not too concerned about style, chainlink makes for an affordable, durable and reliable option.


How Much Maintenance Can You Handle?


How much time do you want to spend maintaining your new fence?


Wooden fencing requires quite a bit of maintenance, and painting and/or staining will be required every few years. However, wood fencing has a warm, natural look that many people believe is worth the effort.


Iron and vinyl fencing require the least amount of upkeep, which is why they are popular options for so many homeowners. Metal fencing can be more difficult to repair than wooden fencing, however.


Do You Have a Homeowners Association?


If you live in a master planned community or subdivision governed by an HOA, you will be required to comply with their design guidelines. If you don’t meet the standards when building a fence, they can compel you to remove it.


It’s also highly likely that the HOA will require you to submit your proposed fencing plans for approval prior to installation.


How Do You Choose the Right Contractor For the Job?


Of course you can try installing a fence on your own, but the specialized tools and hard labor required is reason enough to hire a professional. With a licensed contractor, your new fence will come complete with a warranty and a quality of workmanship you would struggle to achieve on your own.


Your contractor also will be familiar with the process for obtaining any necessary building permits or HOA design committee approval.


Outback Fencing, serving Idaho, Wyoming and Utah, is your go-to choice for a locally owned and operated fencing contractor. We have decades of experience, and we stand ready to help you with all of your wood, vinyl, ornamental iron and chainlink fencing needs.