Choose Vinyl Fence to Repel Utah’s Pesky Critters

If you have a yard or garden pest problem, a vinyl fence may be the ideal solution to your dilemma.

Vinyl Fence

Here in Utah, we are blessed with a variety of natural beauty. From the dazzling mountain vistas to the bounty of native wildlife species, our climate and ecosystem provide much to love.

Of course, it comes with its share of pests as well. Fortunately, vinyl fencing provides one of the most effective ways to keep them where they belong – outside of your yard.

What’s Eating Your Garden?

If something’s eating at your garden or digging up your freshly planted flower bulbs, it could be one of several furry fiends.

Common garden pests (of the non-insect variety) include ground squirrels, skunks, raccoons, voles, mule dear and rabbits. Squirrels love munching on everything from tulips to tomatoes. Both rabbits and mule deer are nibblers, against which almost nothing is safe.

Even your neighborhood’s pets can wreak havoc.

Cats particularly enjoy loose, healthy garden soil for answering nature’s call and dogs, well, dogs will dig up or eat almost anything that looks or smells like fun (or funk).

Potential Methods of Repelling Munchy Pests

You have several options for preserving your yard and garden from four-legged predators, although they offer varying levels of effectiveness.

You can always protect each plant with individual wire cages or enclosures but, for some crops (tomatoes, for example), you’ll likely have to wrap each one in screen mesh.

Spray-on repellants are effective in some cases, but they can have undesired side effects. Chemicals may not be safe for pets and kids, especially on those plants that produce fruits or vegetables. Animal urine is another popular repellant, but these products leave behind a decidedly unpleasant odor. If you spend any time outdoors (who doesn’t?), this may not be a viable option either.

Besides, repellents wash away with the every rainstorm and sprinkler session.

Some gardeners swear by rubber snakes, owl statues, foil pie pans and other folk remedies for protecting plants. Unfortunately, these produce mixed results as well.

Hungry animals intent on having a snack at your place quickly learn that these decoys don’t pose them any real harm. And, once they figure that out, it’s an all-you-can-eat critter buffet at your place.

Vinyl Fence Offers the Most Effective Method of Exclusion

Although it won’t help much with birds or bugs, vinyl fencing is one of the most effective ways to keep the furry variety of pests out of your yard.

So why is vinyl fencing a better option than other products?

First of all, it’s flexible enough that it can be built to almost any height necessary to keep pests out. It’s extremely strong and long-lasting as well, so critters won’t be able to nibble their way through (or knock it down) like they might with wood, or squeeze through like they can with ornamental metal or chain link fencing.

And, unlike other fencing materials, vinyl fence is extremely difficult for most animals to climb or scale.

The versatility of vinyl garden fencing means that you can choose a color and design that enhances your home’s architectural style. As a result, your new fence will be as beautiful as it is functional.

Here at Outback Fencing, we are big fans of vinyl fencing for your yard or garden. It’s virtually maintenance free and so durable that it will last for decades, keeping the pests out as well as it keeps pets and kids safe inside.

Contact us today for a complimentary inspection and estimate. This summer, trust Outback Fencing to protect your precious plants with the installation new vinyl fence.