Decorative Fencing Ideas for the Garden

Garden fenceDecorative fencing can add visual interest and dimension to any outdoor space. When incorporated into your garden design, however, it can serve several important purposes. Different types of fencing will help you create the style you seek. Whether you prefer the look of a classic English garden or a sleek modern or contemporary vibe, the right fencing products will add the perfect finishing touch.

White Picket Fence for a Classic Garden

Lush with colorful plants and whimsical accessories, a classic English garden is the ideal place to spend a quiet afternoon with a good book. Traditional white picket fencing helps break up the space, creating zones and protection without disrupting your views or creating a choppy feel. Vinyl picket fencing is the perfect material for this purpose, as it requires virtually no maintenance. Vinyl fencing will stand up to the rigors of vining plants and weather extremes for years while still maintaining its crisp and bright appearance. Add an arched arbor gate and vary the height of fence panels for even more visual interest. For additional accents or to protect flower beds, use low-profile decorative iron scrollwork fence as a border. For extra whimsy, paint the iron fence in bright spring colors or dusty pastels.

Creative Uses of Block Wall for a Contemporary Garden

The mid-century modern design style is back with a vengeance, especially for the yard and garden. This timeless look is characterized by clean lines and a minimalist approach to plantings and accessories. Geometric lines and sharp angles pair with brightly colored garden spheres and topiary trees. Block retaining walls and low borders help define the space. Screen block privacy walls provide a perfect way to define a patio or sitting area. Add a wrought iron gate for security or to keep pets and predators from reaching your plants. For a more cost-effective approach and increased privacy, alternate solid concrete block with decorative block.

Prairie Style Using Pillar and Rail Fence Designs

The prairie style fence is perfect if you have a large, open lot with expansive views. Designed to be low and unobtrusive, rail fencing allows you to create definition and scale without interfering with sight lines. Capture the Frank Lloyd Wright prairie feel with short but substantial brick pillars, topped with a single slate tile. Use natural wood rails finished to have a weathered look that blends with the landscaping. A combination of decomposed granite landscape beds and water-wise xeriscape plantings complete this clean, fresh look.

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