Recycle Your Wood Fence

Is it time to replace your wood fence?

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Before we can install your new fence, your old one must, of course, be removed. But don’t just trash all that perfectly good wood – much of it may still be in usable condition.

Check out our creative and fun suggestions for recycling your old fencing materials!

Use the Wood for New Projects

Discarded wood fencing is perfect for small construction projects around the house.

It doesn’t matter if you have worked with wood before. After all, the material is free so, if you make a mistake, just grab another piece and try again. Even novice builders can experiment and create a variety of items that could be used to decorate the home or give as gifts.

So what should you create with your old wood fence?

Building plans for all kinds of small projects are available online. You could build a birdhouse or squirrel feeder. Or, the material could be used to build rustic picture frames or shelving for inside your home. Garden or indoor benches, vintage-looking window boxes and storage chests are also fun.

You could even build a new doghouse for trusty Rex, or a playhouse for the kids. Both projects can be fun for the whole family!

Reuse the Materials Elsewhere

Trash cans and recycling bins can mar the beautiful appearance of your home. Why not consider using your old wood fence to hide them? A wood enclosure will also help keep animals from foraging for food in your trash.

The easiest way to tackle this project is to remove your old fence in sections, and attach them together with L-braces to create a corral for your garbage containers. Add hinges and a gate hook or latch to the fourth side, for easy access.

Once you’ve screened your trash cans, use the same approach to mask that unsightly ground-mounted AC unit!

Think about all the other possible uses for this beautiful, repurposed wood!

You could use it to build a compost bin or raised flower beds. You could use it to create landscaping borders. You could even attach the individual planks to a worn table top to create a shabby-chic patio set.

Other Ways to Recycle Fence Materials

If repurposing your fence materials around the house doesn’t sound appealing, you can still put the wood to good use.

Your local recycling center can suggest where you may donate your wood fence for reuse or resale. Or, you could just sell, trade or give away the wood online. Check to with your friends or neighbors, to see if they have use for the materials.

Consider finding a local charity that donates building materials for the homeless or disadvantaged. You would be surprised at how your old fence may contribute to the greater good!

Outback Fencing, serving Wyoming and Utah, can replace your old fence with new wood or with one of our other amazing products, including vinyl and ornamental metal. Contact us today and let us help you make magic with your old wood fence!