Winter Is the Best Time for New Fencing

Holiday GateIf you’ve been thinking about new fencing and waiting for the perfect time to do it, it’s now. Winter is, in fact, the best time to install new fencing. Here’s why.


Springtime is Busy


As the snow melts and another winter passes, many people spring into action and start projects they’ve been dreaming about all winter. And this means that spring and summer are the peak seasons for repairing, replacing or adding a fence. You may have to wait for your fencing contractor to find a spot in the schedule for you, and you may even come up against material backorders.


By installing a new fence in the winter, you will get the prompt service and attention you need from your contractor, because it’s their offseason.


Easy Preparation


At this time of year, the earth provides a solid foundation for digging and setting posts.


Wet weather in the spring often means sloppy, muddy conditions in your yard, as well as expanding soils. During the cold months, soil is shrunken to its driest and most compact state.


Maybe Save a Little Money


Winter is the slowest time of year for all of the construction trades, and they may have surplus materials in inventory, which may translate to some savings for you. Some types of fencing may even cost less during these months. Be sure to ask about any current specials or promotions!


Get the Fence You Really Want


When you install a fence in the spring or summer, you often have an immediate need for it. If the materials you want aren’t available, you may have to compromise on your selection.


If you install during the winter, you can take the time to really customize your fence and get exactly what you want without worrying about how long it’s going to take. And, because you’re doing this in the offseason, even highly customized fences will have a short turnaround time!


Don’t Forget About Repairs!


Was your fence damaged during the summer months? Perhaps you or a family member had an unfortunate riding lawnmower accident that mowed down more than just grass, or your panels fell victim to one of our northern Utah winds.


Whatever the reason, this is also a great time to have your fence repaired. This way, when the snow melts to reveal spring, you’ll have one less project to worry about, and more time to enjoy the warm weather.


Are You Ready?


Outback Fence, serving Idaho, Wyoming and Utah, is happy to offer a full line of services all year long. So whether you’re interested in getting new fencing or repairing an existing fence, now is the time.


Give us a call today for a free estimate for all of your wood, vinyl, chain link or iron fencing needs.