3 Things To Think About When Getting a Fence For Your Big Dog

It can be extremely difficult keeping your large dog, that has loads of energy, happily contained. Larger breeds love to jump, climb and are not looking to stay restrained in the backyard.

If you have a big dog like that, it is important that you take a few things into consideration before choosing the type of fence to add to your yard. Here are three things to consider when selecting your ideal furry friend fence.

Big Dog Equals Big Fence

Shorter fences are not likely to keep your bigger dogs contained. Dogs are strong creatures. Be sure that you use high quality materials and that it’s properly installed. Not only does your fence need to be strong, but it needs to be tall, as well. You should consider purchasing at least a five or six foot fence.

Huskies, Great Danes, English Mastiffs and even Labradors require higher fences like that. Some dog owner “fix” the problem by adding height extensions to the existing fence, making it taller and taller. This only teaches your dog to jump higher, so your best bet is to tear down the old fence and install a taller fence.

Privacy is Necessary

While your dog doesn’t need privacy, s/he certainly doesn’t need to see what’s on the other side. Chain link fences will only drive your dog nuts by teasing and taunting him with what they are missing and what they cannot have.

Solid panel fences are private and are a lot more aesthetically pleasing. They will also block your pup’s view of people, other dogs and small chase-able creatures which can eliminate excess barking and escape attempts.

A happier dog means happier neighbors and by-passers which means a happier owner. You know your dog best of all. You know her behaviors, temperament, and triggers. So take a little time before selecting your fence to consider what is necessary and what will be best for your pooch.

Stop the Escape Artist

The first step in stopping your escapee is knowing how they are getting out. Are they digging, climbing, or are they jumping? If they’re digging, you may consider lining the surrounding ground with chain-link fence or chicken wire.

The barrier is frustrating to dogs and they’ll give up digging eventually. If your pup is a leaper, you may want to consider installing some sort of barrier atop your fence. If they are climbers, you will definitely want to make sure the fence is climb-proof.

Chain link fences are easy climbed by humans and dogs! Solid panel fences, however, have a flat, slippery surface. This makes climbing much more difficult for climbers; humans and dogs alike. Climbers and jumpers are smart and resourceful. So make sure you don’t have any boosters like chairs, planters or anything else your dog can climb onto near your fence.

Call Outback Fencing today for all of your fencing needs. We’re happy to help determine what type of fencing will surely keep your favorite four-legged friend in and keep the unwanted out.