4 Reasons To Not Choose Vinyl Fencing

Whether you choose a wood fence, chain link, or even ornamental iron fencing, there are plenty of pros and cons to weigh when making your final decision. The same is true for vinyl fencing. When considering which fence type is best for you, you’ll have to consider what you want out of a fence and why it would or wouldn’t work best for your particular lifestyle. It is sometimes helpful to consider the reasons why a particular fence just wouldn’t work for you to help you eliminate some of the many options on the market. For example, what are four reasons to not choose vinyl fencing? Keep reading to find out.

Reason #1: Expensive

One of the first things customers want to know when shopping for a fence is how much it’s going to cost. It usually makes a huge difference when it comes to the type of fence you decide to put in your yard. One reason you may not want to choose vinyl is because of a higher cost. When compared to other fencing materials vinyl usually costs more upfront. If you’re not quite prepared financially for those extra costs, it could make vinyl a less than ideal choice.

Reason #2: Lack of Strength

All fence types will have their “Achilles heel” when it comes to durability and strength, but vinyl may have weaknesses that are too hard to manage. Vinyl fences can turn brittle and crack easily under extreme temperatures, so if you life in a very cold or very hot place a vinyl fence may not be the best option for you.  

Reason #3: Blocks Light

Most vinyl fences are solid, which make them great for lots of privacy. But with that privacy comes a lack of light and a restricted view. If you have lots of trees you may need that extra light in your backyard that would come easily through fences like chain link fence, for example. If you live in a beautiful area, you’d also be missing out on a pretty view!

Reason #4: Staining

If you’re looking for a bright, clean, crisp fence vinyl may be a good choice… for a few years. But vinyl can be susceptible to algae buildup as well as mold and mildew. If these aren’t taken care of quickly and correctly, you’ll be left with unsightly stains.

If these four reasons to not choose vinyl fencing apply to you, you should consider a different fencing material like wood, chain link, or iron. Need help getting started? The experts at Outback Fencing have nearly 20 years of experience, and have been serving the people of Utah since 2003. They are licensed, bonded and insured; when you work with Outback Fencing you can expect honesty and integrity in every interaction. No matter what type of fence you’re looking for, the experts at Outback can help.

And if these four reasons not to choose vinyl fencing make choosing a vinyl fence all the more attractive, Outback Fencing can help with that too. Don’t hesitate to contact them today!