Creative Wood Fence Decorating Ideas

Wood Fence Decorating

The natural warmth of a wood fence can certainly enhance the beauty of any home. Traditional stains and finishes provide a gorgeous background for your yard and garden.

But, while plain fencing can be quite attractive, it doesn’t necessarily reflect your personality.

Decorating your fence is a great way to add color, creativity and life to your back yard. Our easy and fun tips can help you turn your ordinary fencing into a unique work of art.

Get Creative by Painting Your Wood Fence

Paint is a great way to add dimension to your backyard. And it gives you the option of showing the understated elegance of a solid color fence to the outside world, while creating a colorful wonderland inside.

Instead of choosing one stain or paint color for your wood fencing, try using a few different shades. You can go for a striped look or randomly alternate colors every few fence posts for an effortless artistic effect. Choose tonal colors for a subtle look or bright primary hues if you prefer to be bold.

A mural — such as a painted sunflower garden, forest scenery or an abstract design — can also give your fence a stylish, one-of-a-kind appearance.

Not that skilled at wielding a paintbrush? Hire a local artist to draw and paint your mural. Or, use stencils or painter’s tape to create a pattern on your wood fencing. Later, if you decide you want a new look, wood fence is easy to repaint.

Add Shadow Boxes for Wood Fence Shelf Space

Why not use the vertical space of your wood fencing for storage or decor?

Shadow boxes, or simple open boxes that can be mounted to your fence posts, add shelf space to your fence. You can use the shelves to display small flower pots, garden sculptures or other decorative objects. Or use them as a handy and accessible way to hold your garden tools.

Shadow boxes can be a decorative element by themselves.

They can be painted to match the fencing or in contrasting shades to provide a touch of color. The boxes can also be made out of materials other than wood, including metal sheeting or plastic. And, to add interest, you can hang boxes in different sizes and shapes.

Make a Statement with Sculptural Art on Your Wood Fence

You probably display framed pictures and other artwork on the walls inside your home. Think of your fencing as outside walls that can also be decorated to express your personality.

Consider adding metal sculptural art to your wood fencing. Garden centers and local artists sell a variety of designs, such as flowers, butterflies, stars and animals. Or, compose your own metal art using recycled items like hubcaps, pipes and hardware.

Found objects can also give your wood fence a sense of life. Old wagon wheels, window frames, shutters, birdhouses and lanterns are fun ideas, but the possibilities are endless. So grab the kids and get creative this summer, and decorate your fence in whatever way you like!

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