For Your New Vinyl Fence, Do You Really Want a DIY Installation?

DIY Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fence is not only beautiful but extremely durable and easy to maintain.

In fact, this versatile type of fencing will keep its color and pristine beauty for years, even with exposure to adverse weather, never fading, rotting, rusting or looking dated.

However, vinyl fencing typically costs a bit more than wood fencing.

It can be tempting to save a bit of money and take the do-it-yourself route, especially if you have previous experience installing wood fencing material. But, a professionally installed vinyl fence is more practical and can actually save you money. Here’s why.

The Truth abut “Big Box” Store Vinyl Fence Sales

Sales flyers from the big box home improvement stores frequently advertise discounts on vinyl fencing. These appear to be good deals, but many are misleading.

What you typically see in the sales ads are price discounts on the vinyl fencing panels themselves. But that’s not all you need to install a fence. You also need fence posts, caps and concrete (for anchoring the posts). And, if you want to have an entry point along the fence, you must also purchase a gate kit.

In most cases, big box store sales do not include discounts on these other materials, and the costs can add up to more than you might expect because the panels are the least expensive components.

With a professional installation, all materials and expenses are included.

Consider the Quality of DIY Vinyl Fence Materials

Not all vinyl fencing is created equal.

To avoid denting and premature sagging or yellowing, you need a high-grade vinyl material that is accompanied by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

Unfortunately, many consumer-grade fencing systems are made of recycled plastics, which can make them less durable. Home improvement stores do not always offer the strongest, professional grade materials. Or, if they do, they aren’t the ones on sale.

DIYers may not have the skills to judge vinyl quality. Consequently, you may end up a low-grade material that won’t stand the test of time.

Professional fence contractors use commercial-grade vinyl, which is heavier and tougher than most fencing available to consumers. It may cost a little more initially, but it is designed to last.

Vinyl Fence DIY Installation Considerations

Have you thought about building permits and local ordinances? Do you know the exact location of your property line? What about submitting to your homeowners’ association design review committee for approval?

Without the proper design, permits and approvals, you may end up with a costly mistake on your hands. You may even be forced to more – or remove – your fence, if you violate building codes or HOA design guidelines.

It is the responsibility of a professional fence contractor handles these issues for you, making your installation headache-free.

Another consideration for DIYers: Do you really want to put in all the labor, transportation and heavy lifting that a vinyl fence installation requires? The process can take hours or days for a professional contractor, so you can imagine how long the job can take for someone without experience. Even the smallest mistakes can result in damaged materials that cost money to replace.

A licensed fence contractor can also provide a custom design, giving your yard a stylish, professional look.

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