Making Chain Link Fence Beautiful Again

Chain Link Fence

Nothing can beat chain link fence for strength, security and durability. This is also a highly cost-effective choice as well.

Unfortunately, this versatile fencing style isn’t exactly legendary for its beauty, and many homeowners don’t appreciate its industrial appearance. The good news is that you can easily give standard chain link fencing an upgrade for a more appealing look.

Take yours from hard-edged to eye-catching with one of these simple improvements.

Choose a Color-Coated Chain Link Fence

Standard chain link fencing comes in a silver-toned metal. This is the same color used in the familiar school, factory and warehouse security fences. It’s the color of heavy-duty prison fencing. Because of its widespread use in commercial applications, the standard silver color isn’t considered to be terribly stylish or modern.

So, why not consider a different color?

A color composite coating can transform the look of your metal fence. Several options – including brown, green and black – are available. Choose a color that blends with or complements the architectural and landscaping elements on your property for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Install Fence Slats for a Textured and Colorful Statement

Would you like to improve your home’s curb appeal and have privacy? Add fence slats through the links of your industrial fencing.

Fence slats can be woven horizontally, vertically or diagonally, to create a design and instant privacy wherever you need it. Install slats throughout the entire fence, or place one in every other row to let some light shine through.

Slats come in aluminum, vinyl and wood, in a wide range of colors. Choose one to blend with the environment, or make an interesting pattern using two or three complementary shades.

Grow Plants Along Your Chain Link Fence

Perhaps you prefer a more natural look. You can achieve this goal by creating a living wall by adding plants along the interior or exterior of your chainlink fencing.

Vines can provide quick coverage, and they make for a beautiful backdrop. Many different varieties of climbing plants grow well in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. The Virginia creeper isn’t too particular about sun and soil conditions, and its green leaves turn a gorgeous red in the fall. Or choose the trumpet-creeper or yellow trumpet vine, both of which feature brilliant orange flowers.

You could also plant grapevines. Several varieties of grapes are hardy enough to flourish in the Intermountain states, and the structure of chainlink fence creates an ideal arbor for supporting the vines.

For year-round beauty and privacy, plant evergreens along your fence. For example, American holly and eastern red cedar are dense, fast-growing trees that can enhance your fence.

Or, you could replace your current fencing with a durable and attractive wood or vinyl fence. Whatever option you prefer, the experts at Outback Fencing can create a customized solution for your Idaho, Utah or Wyoming property. Contact our West Jordan, Utah, headquarters today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to assisting you with all of your ornamental metal, wood, vinyl and chain link fence needs.