Tips for Tearing Down an Old Fence

Your current fence has had a long life and unfortunately a new coat of paint just isn’t going to cut it. Your yard needs a facelift, and you’ve decided there’s no better way to do it than with a beautiful new fence. Before you can have a new fence installed, you’ll have to remove your old one. While it sounds simple enough, there are some tips you’ll want to follow to make sure you do it properly and as painlessly as possible.

Determine Ownership

Hopefully you know just who’s side of the property line your fence resides, but if there is any doubt at all it’s worth double checking who is responsible for the fence. Sometimes, fences are shared between properties (especially if it was put up right down the property line). Avoid an uncomfortable conversation, or worse, litigation, by talking to your neighbor or having a surveyor come mark the property line.

Check Utilities

Another crucial tip to follow before actually starting any fence removal is to check with your utility companies to make sure you’re not going to accidentally come across any gas lines, electric cables, etc. Simply call your utility companies and they can have someone come out and mark any areas that will cause you trouble. Some cities also offer this service free of charge!

Have a plan

To remove the panels on your fence, you’ll most likely have to do them one at a time. Hammer the board toward the rail so the nail exposed, then remove the nail and the board.
Fences that are properly installed are done so in concrete or gravel to anchor the posts. Instead of digging them out by hand, you can try breaking them up before removing them. It’ll be less intrusive for your lawn and mean less digging for you! If you’d rather keep the concrete in one piece, you can try staking two, 2×4’s on top of each other and nailing them to the fence post. (First, saw your fence post down to the concrete). Then, use another board as a lever and use it to pop the fence post and footing out of the ground.

Be Patient

When you are removing your fence, it is important to work slowly and carefully. When you go too fast you’ll damage the wood or lose nails in your lawn. This will require more cleanup effort, so it’s worth it to be patient!

Clean Up

Just because your fence is out of the ground doesn’t mean your job is done. You’ll want to dispose of your old fence to make room for your new one, and get any debris cleaned up out of your hard. Contact your local dump to see if they can pick up your old fence or find out where you can drop it off. You can save the wood for future projects or let someone else use it for theirs by giving it away.

Call Outback Fencing

Once your fence is removed, it’s time to call Outback Fencing to begin the process of installing your brand-new fence! There are many options to choose from so give them a call today to begin planning your dream fence.