Vinyl Picket Fence is a Worthwhile Investment for Your Home

Vinyl Picket Fence

Adding a vinyl picket fence is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in your home.

The stately beauty of a picket fence has long been a favorite of homeowners and, in fact, this fencing style has come to symbolize the “Great American Dream.” For decades, wood was the only option available for creating this iconic fencing style.

Today, vinyl picket fencing offers the same visual appeal with none of the labor-intensive upkeep.

The Many Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

When compared to other options, vinyl picket fence is the material of choice for today’s savvy homeowner.

Composite vinyl fence features all the beauty and rich texture of natural wood, but requires very little maintenance or upkeep. Vinyl also withstands the weather and climate challenges of the Intermountain West. Impervious to moisture and intense sunlight, it will never rot, fade or peel.

Vinyl picket fencing is available in classic white, of course. But if you prefer another color to coordinate with your home’s existing design palette, you can choose from a variety of shades.

Even better, you’ll never have to scrape, patch or paint vinyl fencing. Its integral color remains vivid and true for many years. You can even select color options that mimic stained wood.

Choosing a Vinyl Fence Style

Wood picket fencing offers few variations in design. Vinyl fence, on the other hand, offers a countless array of options to suit your style.

For the individual pickets, you can select from the traditional pointed style as well as straight, rounded or dog-eared versions. You can choose to have the pickets spaced close together – perfect for keeping pets in and pests out – or wide apart for better views and more open feel. As for the vinyl fence panels themselves, you can select from straight or concave designs, such as you might see in the Cape Code architectural style.

To accessorize your vinyl picket fence, you can select from a variety of post cap styles and gate configurations. And as for height, you can choose a low or tall fence, or somewhere in between.

Choose a Local Fence Contractor for Maximum Value

Although many homeowners attempt to purchase and set their own vinyl picket fence, consider the benefits of using a professional contractor to design and install your fencing.

Fencing contractors have the specialized tools and equipment to create a professional installation that looks great and lasts for decades. Even handy homeowners with tons of DIY experience can struggle to create the level and plumb perfection that a professional fencing contractor can achieve.

Plus, when you use a local, licensed contractor, you have the peace of mind that comes with a full labor and materials warranty.

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