Will New Fencing Increase Your Property Value?

New Fencing

You may be considering new fencing to keep your children and pets safe. Or, maybe you’re looking for more privacy. But, if you’re like most folks, you may not live in your current home forever.

And that’s why the fencing choices you make today could affect how your home sells in the future.

A nicely designed, professionally installed fence will boost your home’s curb appeal and increase your property value. How much (or how little) your property value is affected depends upon several factors.

How Will Your New Fencing Fit Your Neighborhood?

Take a look around your neighborhood. How many homes are fenced? What type of fencing materials have other homeowners chosen?

If your fence will be one of the first in the neighborhood, your home could be more attractive to buyers. However, if many other homes already have fencing installed, it’s important to consider their fence styles when selecting yours.

After all, you want your fence to be noticed because of its beauty – not because it is an eyesore. So, if most people have cedar fencing, for example, you won’t add much to your home value by installing a chain link fence. In fact, you may decrease its value if potential buyers wish to remove or replace your choice.

How Your HOA May Affect Your New Fencing Choices

You may not have total control over what type of new fencing you can install.

If you live in a planned neighborhood development be sure to check with your homeowners association (HOA). In many cases, the materials and heights for fencing are regulated by the CC&Rs or Design Guidelines. This is common for HOAs to do, to help standardize the community’s appearance and to help maintain property values.

Whatever types of fences are allowed, you may have some leeway in your choices to more closely match your home’s architectural style and color scheme.

Other Considerations for Your New Fencing

The fence material you choose can make a big difference in how appealing it is to future home buyers. Wood fences are often among the most aesthetically pleasing. This type of fencing requires the most maintenance, but it can be easily repaired.

Vinyl fencing, which has many of the same aesthetics as wood, can last a lifetime with very little upkeep.

Well-constructed fencing can attract home buyers, but the opposite is also true.

Professional fence installation will give you the quality you want. Going the DIY route can be iffy and, if the results aren’t up to par, potential buyers may turn away. You also run the risk of spending more money on a do-it-yourself project.

Nothing beats the finished look, safety and privacy that new fence can offer. Not only will your new fencing improve your family’s life and enjoyment at home, but it will serve you well when the time comes to sell your home to the next family.

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