How To Clean and Maintain Iron Fencing

A gorgeous, ornamental iron fence can really take the curb appeal of your home up a notch. Unless, of course, it is dirty.  Cleaning your iron fencing will not only keep your home looking beautiful and well-kept, but will help prolong the life of your fence. Iron fences can last for many years, as long as you’re maintaining it properly. This means cleaning and maintaining your iron fence at least twice a year, especially if you live in a humid environment. Here’s how to clean and maintain your ornamental iron fence.

#1. Prevent Damage
One way to make your fence last as long as possible is to protect the metal. Your iron fence can rust if the outer layer is compromised, which is why it is important to prevent damage to your fence. Something as simple as a thorn from a rosebush may be enough to scratch the metal, making way for rust to take hold. Prevent damage by keeping plants (especially prickly ones) away from your fence. Be sure to weed around your fence too, which will both protect it and keep it looking crisp and clean. Be careful when using an edger or mowing the lawn near your fence. You can protect your fence by painting it, or using a water repellent spray to keep the elements at bay.

#2. Clean
Clean your ornamental fence with warm soapy water. Make sure you clean in those hard to reach spots with a toothbrush! After you’ve wiped away all dirt and debris, rinse the fence thoroughly and let it dry. The cleaning process is also a great time to inspect your fence for any cracks, spots, damage, or rust.

#3. Remove Rust
If during your cleaning, you find any rust on your fence, you’ll want to remove it. First, cover any vegetation around your fence with a tarp, and then use a fine wire brush or sandpaper to remove the rust. Use a non ionic detergent and water to rinse your fence. Then, apply a rust converter to those areas that had rust.

#4. Touch-up
If you needed to remove rust, you’ll want to do some touching up so that you don’t get rust again. You’ll want to apply a thin coat of primer, and then paint over the rust spot.

#5. Maintain
Continue to maintain your fence by inspecting and cleaning it at least twice a year. Check the hinges to make sure they are well greased, and replace any missing fasteners or hardware if they are missing or as soon as they need to be replaced.

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