Ornamental Iron Fencing

Ornamental iron fencing is the fencing of choice for deck and porch railings, decorative lot enclosures and swimming pool surrounds. Although decorative metal fence is available in both aluminum and steel, ornamental iron is a timeless, classic choice for both commercial and residential applications here in Utah. Often called wrought iron, ornamental iron fencing is highly valued for its durability, low maintenance requirements and classic style.

Maintenance for Utah Ornamental Iron Fences

If you’ve ever seen a vintage wrought iron fence, maybe surrounding an old cemetery or antique house, you probably noticed it’s rusted patina, missing caps or misshapen details. Today’s ornamental iron fence brings all the beauty and elegance of the old style fence but none of the hassles. At Outback Fencing, many of our ornamental iron fence products are powder-coated and sealed with UV-inhibitors. The finish is baked on for long-lasting beauty and minimal maintenance. No more scraping, repainting or sealing joints. The only thing you need to worry about is the occasional sealing of any deep scratches or nicks in the paint. Keeping your lawn sprinklers and weed trimmer clear of the fence will prevent most damage. For those fences that don’t have a factory finish, you simply need to paint every couple of years and do periodic inspections for any developing rust.

Common Utah Ornamental Iron Fence Styles

The design possibilities for ornamental iron fencing are extensive and captivating. Depending on your project specifications, you may choose aluminum or steel fence. Although the perception still exists that aluminum is inferior, today’s aluminum alloy products are nearly as impervious as steel. With a wide variety of choices for height, configuration and color, Outback Fencing can help you design the perfect layout to achieve your goals and meet your budget. You have the choice of adding picket designs such as rings, scrolls, or arrows (points). Posts can include optional caps or matching bases. All of our design selections have coordinating gates to complete the classic look.

Best Uses for Ornamental Iron Fencing in Utah

One of the most important advantages of this fence type is its ability to transverse grade changes, even extreme slopes, making it popular for hillside or natural terrain properties. This material is very popular for pool enclosures too, as it offers an excellent view. Speaking of view, many of our clients add ornamental iron insets to their block site walls, creating the perfect view fence. This is an effective way to open up a small yard or to take advantage of the beautiful Utah mountain vistas. For security, you can’t beat ornamental iron. No other fencing product offers an equivalent level of security balanced with unobstructed views and elegant design.

Iron fencing is rapidly gaining popularity in Utah as the fencing material of choice for our unique architecture and design styles. Ornamental iron gates are also wildly popular and can even be tied to your home security system. Whether you want to add a decorative and long-lasting fence to your home or garden, or you seek a security fence for your business, Outback Fencing can help make your fencing needs a reality.