Automated Gates

Make your life more convenient by adding an automated gate to your home or business.

At Outback Fencing, we’re dedicated to helping our Utah clients by installing attractive, secure gate automation systems to complete their fencing projects. You can achieve added security without any hassle when Outback Fencing manages the job from start to finish.

It’s Your Property — Protect It

Think about it: What was the central motivation behind your decision to install a fence in the first place? For many Utah homeowners, protecting their land is a top reason to put in perimeter fencing. Maybe the purpose of your fence is to put a barrier between the outside world and your pets and/or children. Or perhaps you simply like fencing’s aesthetic appeal.

You enjoy the increased comfort you get from perimeter fencing, but manual gates are inconvenient and not as secure as automated ones. It’s time to invest in a more modern option that allows you to control your gate remotely and maintain maximum security.

Find an Automated Gate System That Works for You

Gate automation systems come with a range of options. First, your choice of product will depend on the size of the gate and its function. Do you have a single or double-paneled gate? Would you like the gate to swing or slide open?

Automated gates also can come with many added features, such as a sensor that opens the gate as you approach the exit. You could install an intercom system that allows you to speak with anyone outside your gate, or you could invest in a remote control or a security keypad – the options are endless.

One Stop for All Your Fencing Needs

At Outback Fencing, you can rely on us to install a fence that brings your vision to life, but we also take it a step further and offer countless gate automation systems to complete the picture. You describe the features you’d like in an automated gate, and we will deliver the results you want and need — fences and gate automation are our specialty.

Rely on Our Gate Automation Expertise

Whether you would like to add automated gates to a fence you already own or you would like to build a fence and gating system from scratch, talk to Outback Fencing about your plan. A high-quality fence with an automated gate not only adds to your home’s curb appeal, it also raises your property value, especially when the system increases your home’s safety and provides everyday convenience.

Contact Outback Fencing and take a look at our offerings for automated gates that integrate modern technology with safety, giving you greater control over your Utah property. We’ll help you find the right automated gate to fit your style and needs.