Wood Fencing

The true classic of the fencing world, wood fencing can be stately or modest, showy or understated, natural or painted. From the iconic American picket fence to Old English Lattice designs, the possibilities are virtually limitless. At Outback Fencing, we are particularly fond of wood fencing, because it allows a level of artistry that alternative products don’t always provide. Our most discerning clients, including those Utah residents who appreciate the natural and sustainable nature of wood, choose wooden fence as much for its beauty as for its performance.

Utah Wood Fence Styles

Where most other fencing products are prefabricated or assembled from prefabricated components, wood fence is a bit like starting with a blank slate. Height can be as low as a post-and-rail system or as tall as an 8-foot solid panel privacy screen. Panels can be fabricated with straight profiles or with convex or concave top lines. Vertical boards can be spaced together or apart, with flat tops or picket shapes. Add visual interest to your wood fence with an alternating side shadow box design or post caps. Combine wood with lattice or wrought-iron view fence to achieve the perfect combination of containment and beauty.

Finishes for Utah Wood Fencing

Our clients have the option of choosing whether they prefer painted wood or the timeless beauty of a stained or treated natural wood finish. Yes, a fine cedar fence with either a wood preservative or rich stain may cost a little more than some other options, but nothing can compare with the beauty and value that a well-made wood fence adds to your home or business. Some wood fence products are available with pressure treatment or weather-resisting coatings to extend the life of your fencing and help maintain its appearance.

Utah Wood Fence Uses and Applications

Anyplace that needs a fence can benefit from an Outback Fencing wood design. Wood provides a warmth that is unavailable from any other product, but it can serve at the same time as a privacy wall, an architectural or hardscape feature, to contain livestock or pets, or even to block an unpleasant view. Prefabricated wood fence panels are an economical way to add natural beauty to your project but, if you have a specific design in mind, Outback Fencing can custom fabricate your creation.

Professional installation and a comprehensive workmanship guarantee are the hallmark of Outback Fencing and our commitment to our Utah, Idaho and Wyoming clients. If nothing but genuine wood fencing will do for your wood fence project, contact us today for a free price estimate.