Chain Link Fencing

When you need a fence with strength and durability, chain link is the obvious choice. This style of fencing also offers a surprising level of versatility. Chain link style fences are appropriate in a variety of situations, both commercial and residential, providing the best combination of security and economy. At Outback Fencing, chain link is our most popular Utah offering. Our customers in Wyoming and Idaho also favor chain link.

Types and Styles of Chain Link Fencing

Although many people believe that chain-link fence is basic and one-dimensional, it is actually available in a wide variety of choices. Galvanized metal systems, composed of an anticorrosive coating over steel, is both simple to install and virtually maintenance-free. Chain link is also available with several attractive composite color coatings designed to complement a variety of architectural styles and functions. You may also choose chain link in the size or gauge that is most appropriate for the specific application, allowing you to save money if a lighter duty version will do the trick as well as a more expensive, heavier gauge product perfectly designed for security needs. Chain link can even offer privacy, using one of the available decorative slat styles made from either aluminum or composite materials.

Utah Residential Chain Link Fencing

In the residential setting, our customers use chain link fencing for everything from pet runs to security applications. Customized enclosures can be configured to secure an entire property or to set aside just those portions that require safeguarding. Typically our clients select the 3-foot, 4-foot or 6-foot fence height for residential applications, however chain link is available up to 12 feet tall. This product is particularly useful for securing large lots or for defining the boundaries of land tracts. It is not only cost effective for both large and small applications, chain link requires little or no maintenance and can last several decades.

Utah Commercial Chain Link Fencing

Our Utah commercial fence clients use chain link for protecting construction sites, for defining sports fields and playgrounds, and for securing specialized facilities such as power stations and prisons. The addition of automatic gates and privacy slats make chain link a highly adaptable, multipurpose solution for every commercial application. In addition, chain link can be easily adapted to provide wind screening or as catch fencing. From a capital improvement perspective, chain link adds value to any facility while still being highly affordable. For commercial purposes, clients frequently chose a heavier gauge than is appropriate for residential applications, often favoring the 12-foot height option for added security. Another benefit of chain link is that is offers visual surveillance of properties that require that option.

At Outback Fencing, we can work with you to achieve both your goals and your budget, using the multipurpose solution of chain link fencing. Contact us today for a complementary cost estimate.