Give Your Wood Fencing New Life

Wood Fencing

You’ve made an investment in your wood fencing, so naturally you want it to last as long as possible. But you also want it to look good!

The warmth and natural beauty of a wood fence are the most common reasons that our customers choose this material, despite its need for periodic maintenance and care. Make sure your investment lasts for decades by following these simple tips and tricks from your friends at Outback Fencing.

How to Avoid the Natural Enemies of Your Wood Fencing

In both Utah and Wyoming, the weather is a formidable foe for any outdoor wood structures or surfaces.

Season after season, year after year, your fence stands watch over your property and, much like the postal service, it does so through rain, hail, sleet and ice. Unless the wood is properly protected, it can only resist Mother Nature for so long.

Rotting is a common problem that’s difficult or impossible to repair once it takes hold. Your only option, if you don’t take steps to prevent rot, is to replace all the rotted sections of wood. And, as much danger as moisture presents, dryness is almost as bad for your wood fencing.

Wood-boring pests are another natural enemy. If termites take hold, you’re not far from having to replace your wood fencing.

Keep a Close Watch on That Fence of Yours

Frequent inspections of your wooden fence will ensure that you spot any potential problems before they get out of hand.

We recommend that our customers closely examine their fence at least once each month. Look for loose or missing boards or posts, chipping or peeling paint, overly wet areas of the wood and signs of rot or termite damage. Watch out for weeds, plants or moss that may come in contact with the wood, as this can facilitate rot. Remove all debris and leaves from the ground around the fence too!

Don’t forget to inspect the underside of the boards as well, especially those nearest the ground. Most wood fence problems start low and work their way up. Pay extra attention to the fence posts. Not only do they provide structural support, but they’re the most difficult – and expensive – elements to replace.

Preserve Your Wood Fence with Regular Maintenance

After each inspection, scrape away any peeling paint and promptly sand and stain or repaint the area to seal it. If you notice any rotting areas, it’s time to call in a professional fence contractor (like us!) to evaluate the problem.

You’ll avoid most or all of these problems by having annual maintenance performed on your fence. Outback Fencing specializes in helping our customers prolong the life of their fence, no matter what it’s made of. Our professional products and techniques ensure that your wooden fencing is properly prepared and fully sealed against the elements.

The modest cost of annual maintenance not only ensures that your wood stays healthy and beautiful for decades, but it also prevents expensive repair or replacement bills.

Serving Wyoming and Utah, Outback Fencing is the premier locally owned and operated fencing contractor in the area. We specialize in wood, vinyl, chain link and vinyl fencing, but we can assist you with any and all of your needs.

Contact us today for a free consultation and evaluation of your wood fencing.