5 Ways to Take Your Wood Fence to a New Level

When you chose a wood fence for your home, you probably had some practical purposes in mind. You may have selected this material to provide security for your home, for privacy or to keep your pets and kids safely contained in the yard.

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Wood fencing has the unique ability to meet all these needs without busting the budget.

Wood fencing is also uniquely – and naturally – beautiful. But, if you want a more unique design statement for your home, consider one of these creative ideas for transforming your wood fencing from basic to amazing.

Paint a Mural on Your Wood Fence

Wood fencing can be painted in any color you choose. So, why settle for a neutral backdrop when you can create extra visual interest with a mural?

With a few colors of paint and a little inspiration, you can turn your fence into something special. If you’re not confident of your skills, hire a local artist to create a mural that fits with your backyard design aesthetic. Or, if you want to create a family memory, gather the kids and turn them loose with the paints and brushes.

Adding a mural is ideal because it doesn’t have to be permanent. You can always paint over it whenever you’re ready for a fresh look.

Create a Wooden Fence Vertical Garden

If you prefer a nature-inspired design, consider using your wood fence as the framework for a vertical garden.

You can attach small pots or window planter boxes directly to the fence panels. Shadow boxes are another option for vertical gardens, as they have space for outdoor plants and other decorative accents.

Use your vertical garden to grow herbs, colorful flowers or cacti and succulents. Your creativity is the only limit.

Decorate the Fence with Country Accents

If you favor farmhouse décor for the interior of your home, why not extend the look to your outdoor living spaces?

By adding salvaged wood window frames, shutters, wagon wheels, bird houses and other country accents, you can turn your backyard into a casual and comfortable outdoor haven with farmhouse flair.

Hang Artwork for an Urban Twist to Your Wood Fence

Think metal wall sculptures, repurposed movie posters or oil paintings found at the thrift store. Use wire to hang them at varying heights from fence posts and pickets, grouping them to create an interesting focal point for your backyard wood fencing.

Whether you prefer abstract designs, a more contemporary look or folk art pieces, outdoor artwork lets you express your style in the outdoor version of a gallery wall. And you can change out your display whenever the mood strikes.

Use Marbles or Sea Glass to Add Interest to the Wood Fence

Maybe you would like to make your fence more visually interesting, but subtle beauty is more your style. If so, marbles or sea glass may be an attractive option.

Simply drill holes in the wood fencing panels, then fill them with colorful marbles and bits of sea glass. When the light shines through, your backyard will be filled with tiny colorful highlights. Choose a variety of colors for a rainbow display, or stick with a family of colors that enhance your outdoor décor.

If adding decorative accents doesn’t mesh with your desire to improve the look of your yard, it may be time for new fencing. The professional team at Outback Fencing, serving homeowners throughout Utah, Idaho and Wyoming for over 20 years, can help. Contact our West Jordan office today to schedule a wood fence consultation and cost estimate.