Choosing Vinyl Fence Colors to Enhance Your Home

With a vinyl fence, fade-resistant color is integrated right into the fencing material. You’ll never have to apply paint or stain to keep your fence looking as good as new, year after year.

DIY Vinyl Fencing

Since vinyl fencing can last for decades, color choice is an important factor. Select the wrong option, and you could be stuck with a ho-hum or unappealing fence. With the right selection, however, you’ll enjoy a beautiful and valuable addition to your property for many years to come.

Check with Your HOA for Rules on Vinyl Fence Color

Vinyl fencing is available in a wide variety of shades and styles. However, if you live in an HOA, you may not be able to select from all the available options.

In many communities, neighborhood or homeowners associations limit the types and colors of fencing that are permitted. The intent is to maintain a consistent appearance throughout the community, to protect property values.

Often, HOA policies limit homeowners to traditional color options, such as white, brown or natural wood tones. Some are even more restrictive, permitting only three or four specific shades. Before choosing a color, review the regulations of your HOA as well as the published design guidelines. If you break the rules, you could face fines, liens or even be compelled legally to remove your new vinyl fencing.

Consider Your Home’s Style when Choosing a Vinyl Fence Color

Once you verify the colors your HOA allows, the next consideration is your home’s architectural style. Building style definitely matters when it comes to choosing the color for vinyl fencing.

Traditional colonial or cottage style homes, for example, often look best when enclosed with traditional white fencing. Farm-style homes, on the other hand, may benefit from a natural wood tone or a subdued neutral color. And, for contemporary or modern homes, a darker vinyl fence may be a better design fit.

The color of your home should also be a consideration. Do you want your fencing to blend in or be a focal feature? You may want to select a shade that matches your roof, trim or gutters. Or, you might prefer a contrasting yet complimentary fence color.

Highlight Your Foliage with the Right Vinyl Fence Color

Don’t ignore your existing landscape and foliage when selecting a fence color. The right shade will help show off your landscaping.

Choosing vinyl fencing that is too close in color to your trees and plants will detract from the appeal of your property. Well-planned landscaping boosts the value of your home, but only if it can be seen and appreciated. For maximum effect, choose a fence color that enhances – rather than competes with – your foliage.

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