Decorating Your Vinyl Fence for the Holidays

This holiday season, don’t neglect your vinyl fence with it’s time to break out the outdoor decorations.

vinyl fence decorating

Vinyl fencing makes an ideal backdrop for outdoor decorating. Incorporating your fence into your holiday decorating scheme can help turn your landscape into a winter wonderland.

Creating a festive display is fun and easy with our creative holiday decorating ideas.

Use Vinyl Fence as a Backdrop for Twinkling Light Displays

One of the best ways to add season magic to your landscape is with strands of holiday lights. Why not use your vinyl fence as a blank canvas to create a festive display?

If you prefer the simple approach, simply hang strands of mini white or multi-colored bulbs along the top. If you prefer a novelty style, use icicle lights or tiny, illuminated snowflakes. If you do select the simple approach, take your time hanging them to ensure a precision result.

If you prefer a more elaborate light display, create a festive scene on your vinyl fence with holiday lights. You can create stars, simple snowflakes, presents or reindeer, or spell out holiday messages. Use removable adhesive hooks to attach the lights and you won’t have to worry about damaging your vinyl fencing.

Decorate Your Vinyl Fence with Wreaths, Bows and Garland

If you prefer an elegant, classic holiday look, adding greenery to your white vinyl fencing will create the perfect result. Wreaths and garland made of evergreen, pine or spruce add life and color, but many homeowners prefer the ease of artificial greenery. Silk or plastic garland can be reused for many years and don’t pose the fire hazard that live versions do.

When draping garland, aim for consistency. If the greenery hangs lower on one fence panel than the next, the design won’t look as attractive. Hang a wreath at each fence post, and add red bows to create a gorgeous traditional holiday display.

Create Holiday Scenes Along the Bottom of Your Fence

If you want to kick your outdoor holiday decor up a notch, use an entire span of vinyl fence in your festive decorating.

This area ideal for large-scale yard decorations, like colorful wooden wrapped presents, Christmas trees or snowmen. Or, stake giant candy canes along the bottom of the fencing. Reposition your landscape lights to focus on your design or add portable spotlights in the yard.

You can also place seasonal planters at the base of your fence. Filled with large swags of greenery and sprigs of bold red winterberries, planters can provide a festive burst of color to your holiday landscape.

Do you have boxes of outdoor holiday decorations with nowhere to go? Give yourself the gift of new fencing for the holidays. Outback Fencing has 20 years of experience serving residential and commercial customers throughout Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your complimentary wood, iron or vinyl fence consultation.