Property Fencing Keeps Deer Out of Your Garden

Perimeter property fencing is the ultimate solution for keeping deer (and other potentially destructive wildlife) out of your garden.


Deer are beautiful, graceful creatures. But, they can also be an incredible nuisance, trampling your landscape and treating your garden like a salad bar. You could try homespun remedies like using scent deterrents or landscaping with deer-resistant plants.

However, the only reliable way to keep deer out of your garden is by installing a property fence around the perimeter of your lot.

Choosing Deer-Repellant Property Fencing

A wire or polypropylene mesh fence is often touted as a simple and inexpensive solution to deter deer. Mesh fencing is inexpensive and easy to install, but it isn’t a very effective repellant. Determined deer can find ways to break right through.

An electric fence may work to keep the deer out of your garden. But, any children or pets who come into contact with electric fencing will also receive a shock.

Wood fencing is an effective barrier but, for many property owners, vinyl is the preferred choice. Unlike wood, vinyl fence requires very little maintenance. Plus, even the most determined deer can’t munch their way through vinyl fencing.

The Height of Property Fencing Matters

Fencing material isn’t the only consideration for keeping deer out of your yard and garden. The height of your property fence is just as important.

Deer won’t normally attempt to jump a six-foot fence. But, if they are being chased, feel threatened or if food is scarce, they can sometimes leap up to eight feet from flat ground. If the ground is sloped, they may be able to clear a fence that is even taller.

Once trapped in your yard, however, the deer don’t always have the motivation to go out the way they came in. This can lead to significant damage. But, unless you really want to install a perimeter fence in excess of eight feet high, what are your options?

Consider Double Property Fencing

Deer can jump very high, particularly when they are motivated. Fortunately, they can’t jump very far. So, a double line of perimeter property fence can be an effective way to prevent them from entering your yard.

Double property fencing is particularly effective because deer have poor depth perception. With the second fence in place, they won’t be able to see a safe place to land. Consequently, they won’t attempt the jump.

To be effective, double fencing doesn’t have to be too tall. In fact, four feet may be sufficient to prevent deer from getting into your garden.

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