Three Popular Styles of Wood Fence

Wood fences are available in a wide range of styles, designs and finishes. With so many different options, many homeowners find it difficult to choose.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of the wood fence design options?

wood fence

Begin your quest for the ideal wood fencing with a look at three of the most popular types used by homeowners throughout Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Is one of these styles the right choice for your home?

Picket Wood Fences

A picket fence is built with closely-spaced, vertical wooden boards, which are attached to horizontal rails at the top and bottom. The rails are held in place and supported by fence posts. This style of wood fencing is typically between 3 and 4 feet in height.

Picket fences have been a favorite among homeowners since Colonial times. This style of fencing has long been seen as a symbol of success and accomplishment. In fact, the classic American dream of success has long been symbolized by having a family and owning a home with a white picket fence.

These days, picket fences needn’t always be painted white.

The wood can be painted, stained or treated in a variety of ways, to complement your home and property. Homeowners can also choose from several different picket fencing styles, including designs with flat, tapered or rounded tops.

Stockade Wood Fences

Would you prefer more privacy and security from your wood fencing? If so, you may like the stockade fence design.

Like picket fences, stockade wood fences feature vertical boards that are placed very close together, attached to rails that are supported by posts. But, whereas picket fences are short and low, stockade fences are typically built about 6 to 8 feet in height.

For this reason, stockade fencing offers a greater sense of privacy and protection.

Stockade fencing can also be customized to provide a unique look. For example, the fence can be designed with a convex or concave rounded top line. A decorative lattice topper can be installed to provide light and view.

And, of course, many different types of wood stain and decorative finishes are available.

Board-On-Board Wood Fences

If you want a privacy fence, but you would prefer for your fencing to look the same from both sides, consider a board-on-board design.

A board-on-board fence is constructed with an overlapping pattern of vertical boards attached to both sides of the rails. Once installed, the direct sightline through the fencing is effectively blocked.

Because of their attractive, architectural style, board-on-board wood fences are popular in many upscale neighborhoods and communities. Homeowners can choose the timeless beauty of a natural wood finish or opt for a paint or stain treatment to boost the visual appeal of their property.

Are you “on the fence” about the best type of fencing to suit your home? With 20 years of experience installing wood fences throughout Utah, Wyoming and Idaho, the Outback Fencing team has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary site visit and estimate for your metal, vinyl, or wood fence.