Wood Security Fence Tops Invisible Fencing for Containing Pets

A wood security fence is an attractive and effective option for keeping Fido and Fluffy contained in your yard. It’s not as high-tech as some of the available alternatives but the advantages make it an ideal choice for many homeowners.


Perhaps you have considered going with an “invisible” or electric fence, either to save on costs or to preserve the open-wide views from your homesite. If so, consider some of the reasons why wood fencing may be a better choice.

A Wood Security Fence is Pet-Friendly

In case you aren’t familiar with the technology, let’s look at how an invisible fence works. A boundary wire is buried underground, which sends out a signal to a receiver on your pet’s collar. If Fido or Fluffy roams too close, they will hear a warning sound. If they keep going and cross the boundary line, they will be administered an electric shock.

Invisible fence manufacturers compare the shock to that we feel from static electricity. However, the shock must be severe enough to startle your pet and stop him from leaving the property. Settings can be adjusted but, to be an effective deterrent, the shock needs to be substantial. For many pets, learning to avoid it involves multiple encounters.

A wooden security fence provides an actual – and shock-free – barrier to keep Fido from leaving your yard. Consequently, it’s a much more humane option.

Determined Pets Can Escape from an Invisible Fence

With a professionally installed wooden security fence, you won’t have to worry about your beloved pet escaping. Not so with electric fencing.

An invisible fence doesn’t guarantee that your dog will stay in the yard. If Fido sees a squirrel or cat dart across the boundary line, he may try to follow – and if he’s determined enough, he’ll make it, despite the electric shock.

What he probably won’t do is endure the shock again to return home.

Once your pet crosses the boundary wire, he’ll effectively be locked out of the yard. With a clear head, free from the distraction of the chase, he’s not likely to voluntarily suffer another shock. He may end up running off instead, putting himself in danger of getting lost or hurt.

A Wood Security Fence Protects Your Pet from Other Animals

Invisible fencing is designed to keep your pets inside the yard, but it does nothing to keep other animals off your property. An aggressive stray dog or rabid wild animal could easily enter your yard and put your faithful companion in jeopardy.

Wood security fencing, on the other hand, truly protects your pet by keeping him contained inside and other animals on the outside.

Some pet owners have reported the development of negative behavioral patterns in their dogs and cats, in response to electronic fencing. Fido may forget where the boundary line is, or may not realize where, when or why he receives a shock. As a result, he may start exhibiting fearful or neurotic behaviors.

You won’t see that happen with a wood, vinyl or chainlink fence.

Would you like to learn out more about the safer, more humane ways of enclosing your property and protecting your pets? The professionals at Outback Fencing can explain your options and answer all your questions. Contact our West Jordan, Utah, office today to schedule a free consultation and estimate for vinyl or wood security fence.